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Welcome to Lily’s! We are so excited you could join us. Lily’s Vineyard on Skyline Drive was born out of the homestead property Larry and Tina Lill purchased in 2015. Larry's grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin lived on the property, with structures built as early as 1850. Using fruits from Lily’s very own property and nearby orchards, Larry and Tina began their journey into winemaking. Lily’s wines are unique, making dry, sweet, and other varieties of fruit wine. Keep your mind (and palate!) open and enjoy the wine!


Dry Apple $7/$16

Distinct apple smell. The wine is made from Lily’s very own apple orchard. With no added sugar, any sweetness in this wine comes from the apple itself.


Dry Cherry $9/$23

Pucker up! This year’s dry cherry is made from sour cherries. It is tart and fresh like biting into fresh-picked sour cherries. Delicious with a slice of cheesecake.


Dry Peach $7/$16

Crisp peach on the nose. This wine is smooth and mild without an overpowering peach taste. Pairs well with dried bananas for a tropical paradise flavor.


Dry Blueberry $9/$23

Most comparable to a dry red grape wine for all you cabernet drinkers, yet with a distinct blueberry taste. Pairs well with dark chocolate.

Dry Raspberry $9/$15 (375ml)

One of our most exotic fruits or the world, having a beautiful tartness that contrast with the natural sugars within.

Dry Pear $7/$16

This is closest to your favorite crisp white wine with a lingering pear flavor.



Sweet Apple $7/$16

Tastes like Grandma Lutie’s homemade baked applesauce made from the property’s apples. Grandma Lutie lived in the old house closest to the road. Enjoy for dessert on a Saturday night!


Sweet Cherry $9/$23

“Sweet Cherry Wine…” So Good!


Sweet Peach $7/$16

Peach Cobbler. The End


Sweet Blueberry $9/$23

Like a blueberry compote you would pour over your morning pancakes, this wine is almost too easy to drink. Pairs well with white chocolate.


Spiced Apple $8/$17 (COMING THIS FALL!)

Our famous spiced apple wine. Served cold or hot, this is your go-to Fall wine. Enjoy at Lily’s with a cinnamon-sugar rim!

Sweet Pear $7/$16

Our pear is juicy and delicious! First, you will smell the natural sweetness of a pear and finish a lingering pear flavor on your palette.

***Enjoy cold, warm, or with a sugar-ginger rim.

Sweet Raspberry $9/$15 (375ml)

A sweet taste of summer! This wine is a reminiscent of a handful of fresh raspberries.

Sweet Tart and refreshing


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